Types of Skydive

Types of Skydive

Experience Days Pro offers three fantastic skydives, Tandem to start, static line and then AFF, different centres different prices, always working to keep prices down. Most experiences are a full day course of training and then the big jump.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is our most popular skydiving experience and highly recommended for beginners. Unless you're looking to become a qualified skydiver in the future, this is the most suitable course to start with.

In a tandem skydive your are securely strapped into a harness with the skydiving instructor. You'll jump from a height of about 13000 ft and you'll enjoy incredible scenery as you freefall down to earth!

After you have experienced an exhilarating tandem skydive with the team, you can always arrange an solo skydive course in the future.

A tandem skydive would usually include:

• Pre flight briefing and training
• Ascent in the skydiving aircraft
• Experience the thrill of freefall
• Parachute deployment and time to enjoy the spectacular views
• The experience will take approximately a day at the chosen venue

Static Line Jump

Static line parachuting is perfect for those wanting more control of their skydiving experience but without the worry of managing their own parachute.

A static line jump would involve 6 hours of training and a jump using a "square" parachute. You jump by yourself from a height of about 3200 ft but the parachute automatically deploys - you can take in the breathtaking views as you slowly guide yourself back down to earth.

(AFF) Level 1 course

An Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level 1 course is the first step to becoming a British Parachute Association (BPA) solo skydiver - it's an intensive course, not for the faint of heart, but the experience is unforgettable and it's sure to be a talking point in the future!

An AFF Level 1 course would include:

• 6 hours of intensive ground training in groups of up to 4 students
• A "solo" freefall experience from 13000 ft with 2 instructors via radio contact
• Deploy and land your own parachute
• Debrief and analysis of your jump with the team
• Allow up to two days for this experience. Subject to weather conditions you can train and jump on the same day.

Skydiving experiences can be arranged in groups and our customer service team will gladly answer any questions that you might have about a skydive in general.

Skydiving Requirements

All skydivers should be of a good level of fitness and well enough to experience the jump. you will be asked to sign a declaration of fitness before your jump.

The minimal age for skydiving is 16 and their is no upper age limit but those aged 40 or above will require a BPA medical certificate signed by their doctor before the flight (please consider this if arranging a skydive as a surprise gift).

Weight limits vary at our different sites due to the nature of the equipment used. Contact our helpful team to find out the different limits at each of the sites for skydiving.

Book Your Skydive In Advance

Skydiving is our most popular activity and can be booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance at popular skydiving centres up and down the country.

We can always find out if dates are free but we don't guarantee a date. All skydives are subject to weather conditions on the day and can be easily rearranged if the jump is cancelled due to safety reasons.

Vouchers for skydiving are flexible and valid for 12 months.

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Types of Skydive & Skydiving Requirements