Popular Water Sports

Popular Water Sports

Prepared to get drenched as you participate in exciting water sports across the United Kingdom! We've got a huge range of water sports activities that you or your group can participate all year round.

From taster sessions to training courses that last 2 to 3 days, you can really explore your naval skills. Some of the most popular water sports are outlined below, but don't hesitate to contact our experts for further assistance.

Powerboating and Zapcat Experiences

Whether it's a traditional powerboat or zapcat inflatable race boats, you'll be experiencing incredible power and handling as you whizz around the coastline. All these watercraft are motor powered so you won't need the wind, it's just an adrenaline fuelled, exciting experience!

Depending upon the venue and experience chosen, you'll will have the opportunity to drive a variety of high powered powerboats including:

• ThunderCat
• Thunderbolt
• Rigid-inflatable boats (RIB)

One of the most popular powerboating experiences is the 007 Powerboat Day experience in Southampton. You'll receive full instruction and safety gear before driving powerful Honda 150 racing speedboat around the offshore race circuit - exhilarating cornering speeds and the hull above the water. You'll then enjoy a thrilling experience in a 450bhp Jet Viper, a vessel worthy of any Bond villain.

JetLev Experiences

Wanting to try something truly unique and a little bit crazy? How about strapping yourself into an 85000 water jetpack! It's the only way to explain a JetLev experience.

With top speeds of up to 50mph, you'll be hovering 10m into the air with a fully trained instructor and the latest safety gear. It's an exhausting but unforgettable experience for anyone aged 18 and above.

This experience takes place in Bedfordshire and London and demand is always high, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Sailing Experiences

Experience Days Pro can help you find the nearest marinas offering sailing lessons and Royal Yachting Association (RYA) courses. Whether you're a complete beginner or have a little experience in yachting, the team have an experience appropriate for you.

The British coastline is stunning and the most popular locations for sailing and yachting include Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Suffolk and Dorset.

All events are run by fully trained instructors and waterproofs / safety equipment will be provided at each venue.

Water Sports Requirements

The most frequently asked question is whether you need to be a good swimmer.

The vast majority of water sports do not require swimming experience but some of the more intense water sport activities like white water rafting might be unsuitable.

For other activities, being able to swim is always a good idea but you don't need to be an athletic champion to enjoy these experiences and of course buoyancy aids are provided.

You should be in good physical health and the more adventurous activities like powerboating or white rafting are not suitable for those with heart, neck or back problems.

The minimal age for some experiences is between 12-14 years old and under 16's must have parental/guardian supervision. Certain experiences have a minimal age of 18.

Experiences take place throughout the year but this varies by the venue and experience chosen. Experiences can last a few hours or a couple of days, depending upon the venue and activity and the willingness to travel is highly recommended to enjoy the best water sport activities in the UK.

The number of participants varies upon the experience chosen. For example a Sunseeker driving experience in Southampton can accommodate up to 7 additional guests whilst a JetLev experience is primarily for one to one tuition.

Many water experiences take place at marinas which have a number of local attractions for visitors such as cinemas, bars or restaurants. Even the more "remote" activities like white water rafting can provide food and drink where possible.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Aerobatic Flying Experience

Aerobatic Flying Experience

Rally Driving Days

Rally Driving Days

West End Shows

West End Shows

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Water Sports With Experience Days Pro

Enjoy water sports in the UK from established marinas and centres.

Whether its sailing, jetleving, powerboating, white water rafting, if it involves water, Experience Days Pro is here to help.

Our friendly customer service team will locate the nearest water sport activity that you or a group can participate in.

With experience day vouchers being valid for 12 months, you're sure to discover an unforgettable water sport activity with the team.

For further information on UK water sports, just contact our helpful customer service team.

Popular Water Sports & Water Sports Requirements