Aerobatic Flying Leicester

Aerobatic Flying Leicester

Unbelievable aerobatic flights near Leicester. Experience flying techniques you won't believe!

You are going to need a strong stomach as you're turned on every axis with our incredible aerobatic fixed wing aircraft experience day.

As you patiently wait on the runway the excitement will grow before you taxi to take off position. Then it is into the sky for the adrenalin rush of a lifetime.

With stomach turning climbs and faint inducing twist and turns there is a reason why we ask you not to eat or drink before you fly!

You'll embrace aerial antics defying Newton's laws of gravity embracing up to -5G in force as you manoeuvre serenely across the sky in our nimble Aerobatic aeroplanes. At Experience Days Pro we guarantee your experience will never be forgotten.

Your safety is a top priority, that's why at Experience Days Pro Adventure we only work with CAA accredited experts.

They can ensure your aerobatic flight in Leicester is thrilling and above all safe. They use the highest quality equipment in the industry that meets up to date requirements. So you can be assured that your aerobatic flight experience is not only safe, but also extremely fun!

Whether you want a sensational aerobatic experience in Leicester for a loved one or yourself, we have the appropriate package for you.

So why not give us a ring today, and take a step closer to a truly unforgettable aerobatic flight experience near Leicester?

Aerobatic Flight Experiences Leicestershire

Aerobatic Flight Experiences Leicestershire

Thrilling aerobatics near Leicester Leicestershire with qualified pilots. An unforgettable 20-30 minute experience in British skies awaits you or a special someone.

Experience Days Pro believe your aerobatic flight should be stomach churning for the right reasons. That's why we only use very experienced partners. Your well being is paramount.

Experience Days Pro's aerobatic flight experience will start with a safety briefing on the ground.

Then the experienced expert will introduce you to the control panels, dials, levers and gauges in the cockpit before requesting permission to fly from air traffic control. With pre-flight checks completed you'll taxi to your once in a lifetime flight.

You'll be at the heart of the experience next to your instructor as they power you up to dizzying heights. From there you can soak in the beautiful views before your aerobatic flight commences.

We guarantee that you'll always remember this once in a lifetime aerobatic experience.

We have aerobatic flight experiences nationwide, we are bound to have a aerodrome near you. Aerobatic experiences make an incredible gift for your friend so why not shock them with this ultimate experience.

Experience the adrenaline rush of aerobatic flying near Leicestershire.

Why don't you call us to book your incredible aerobatic experience at Leicester and Leicestershire today? We'll find a package suitable for all your individual requirements.

Or submit Experience Days Pro's online form and one of our experienced team will contact you at a time that suits you to help you book your aerobatic experience in Leicester.

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Incredible Aerobatic Experiences

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Aerobatic Experience Days close to Leicester

Your aerobatic experience should be a once in a lifetime experience to treasure.

We believe that ordering your flight should be painless.

Aerobatic vouchers are valid for 12 months in the vast majority of cases and booking aerobatics close to Leicestershire is straightforward with the team.

Have a memorable aerobatic flight near to Leicestershire!

Aerobatic Flying Leicester & Aerobatic Flight Experiences Leicestershire