Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ballooning is a memorable experience. Commute from experience ultimate balloon ride experiences with Experience Days Pro's help.

We will find the closest location for hot air balloon rides as flights take place throughout the country (subject to weather and airspace restrictions).

Experience the rush of hot air ballooning, as you are carried with the wind on your unforgettable journey with Experience Days Pro's hot air balloon experiences.

Take a moment to imagine the smile inducing joy of lifting up to the atmosphere as the British landscape unfolds beneath you with Experience Days Pro's ballooning.

Imagine the incredible feeling as you climb into the hot air balloon basket, your nerves disappear as the balloon burner growls, gently bringing you up into the sky.

The wind will peacefully take you on a once in a lifetime adventure as you glance over the iconic British countryside unfolding below, a memory you'll want to keep forever.

Your total ballooning experience lasts for approximately three to four hours and you and your partner can help inflate and deflate the hot air balloon before a hot air balloon flight of one hour.

Hot air balloon flights can accommodate up to four passengers per balloon (you will be sharing a balloon with other passengers), making it the perfect experience for families and groups.

Ring us today and we'll find the nearest venue for hot air balloon rides.

Balloon Flight

Balloon Flight

Memorable hot air balloon rides for a group of up to 4 people.

Hot air balloon rides take place from March to October with flights being booked at weekdays or weekends (subject to operator and availability - early booking is advised to avoid disappointment).

Help inflate the hot air balloon before slowly drifting up to the sky as the sun rises across the English countryside.

At Experience Days Pro we have experiencing in finding launch sites across the United Kingdom for hot air balloon rides.

We'll find the closest venue which allows rides and you don't need to have a specific date plan as vouchers are valid for 12 months.

For the ultimate romantic flight drift off with your partner in our incredible balloon experience for two. With just your pilot for company your hour long experience is the perfect way to celebrate that special date or anniversary.

Can there be a better way to pop that important question?

Many of our hot air ballooning experience days include a champagne toast which is a recognised tradition amongst balloonists.

We will help you arrange the amazing romantic ballooning experience with Experience Days Pro's expert hot air balloon supplier so that you can celebrate this jaw dropping hot air balloon flight with your loved one.

And if you want it to be a fantastic surprise, we will help with that as well!

So let Experience Days Pro help you organise your hassle-free hot air balloon experience. Please give us a call and a member of our polite customer advice team will provide you with a personalised estimate that is no-obligation.

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Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Fantastic Ballooning

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Hot Air Ballooning Experiences

When you travel, you'll be going to the nearest site for hot air balloon rides which is run by regional or national operators.

Why not call us to arrange your perfect balloon flight.

At Experience Days Pro we believe that booking your flight should be simple.

That is why we partner with Into The Blue to offer your experience, meaning that with our E voucher experiences you can book your flight experience at a time that suits to you.

Have a pleasant flight!

Hot Air Balloon Ride & Balloon Ride