From One Balloon to One Hundred

Now in its 37th year, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is a four day event in August. For a true visual treat, this is not to be missed!

Back in the early 1960s, a group of Bristol gliding enthusiasts decided to take up to the new type of ballooning that had become popular in America. The result of their passion was the first modern hot-air balloon to grace the skies in Western Europe.

By the 1970s ballooning was more popular, and in 1979 the first Bristol Balloon Fiesta was held at Ashton Court. 27 beautiful balloons rose into the air and dazzled the many spectators, making a total of 117 individual flights.

Since then, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta has enjoyed successful turnouts year after year, and is now Europe's largest annual hot air ballooning event.

Businesses can sponsor balloons and have their logo on a hot air balloon, with staff often being encouraged to help get it airborne as well. In fact, The 100 Club was established to support this long held tradition.

The help of these sponsors, as well as the incredible sight of hundreds balloons, has helped the event to flourish and inspire many to try out the unique experience for ballooning themselves.

With over 100 unique hot air balloons attending the event nowadays, and with an audience of over 500,000 awed spectators, this is perhaps one of the most wonderful events in the UK at the moment.

Don't Just See It - Live It!

Don't Just See It - Live It!

The breathtaking sight of hundreds of colourful hot air balloons floating into the air is not to be missed. And if the thought of joining them inspires you, why not give it a go yourself after the fiesta is over?

A hot air balloon flight is a fantastic experience, and once you've had a taste of the high life, you won't forget it. The Bristol Balloon Fiesta aims to encourage the public to have a go at ballooning themselves.

If you want to discover a new way of looking at the world, a hot air balloon flight is the answer. You'll be wowed with a gorgeous view of the iconic British landscape, and you'll be able to soak it all in at a gentle pace.

This is a pretty popular experience day to give as a gift to a loved one, as it provides an unforgettable experience which is appreciated by people of all ages. If you are looking for that perfect gift, why look elsewhere?

Here at Experience Days Pro we provide a range of hot air ballooning experiences across the nation, working with professionals who are dedicated to making your flight exciting and memorable.

We've got hot air balloon rides with champagne provided that are perfect for couples and romantic occasions and group balloon flights for family, friends and corporate events.

Get in contact today to find out more.

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If you want to experience hot air balloon flights yourself rather than simply watching them, why not let us help you?

We provide hot air ballooning experiences across the country to suit all tastes, giving you a wonderful chance to get a birds eye view of the beautiful British countryside.

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From One Balloon to One Hundred & Don't Just See It - Live It!