An Experience Day for All the Family

An Experience Day for All the Family

Flying Experiences

Fly high up into the air and admire a birds eye view of the beautiful British countryside with a helicopter flight experience. We also provide hot air balloon flights which offer breathtaking views and a pleasantly enjoyable ride through they sky.

For budding pilots, flying in a helicopter or balloon can be a dream come true, and no one can fail to enjoy the thrill of flying high over the countryside whilst enjoying unmatched landscapes.

A minimum age of 6 applies, as well as some height and weight restrictions. Get in touch with us to find out more, we'll be happy to help you book your perfect day in the clouds.

Segway and Driving

For a fun and novel experience day, why not go for a Segway ride? Segways are two-wheeled vehicles that you stand upright on as it scoots along, with its self-balancing technology keeping you centred.

Invented recently, the Segway is an unusual form of transportation that is fast and easy to use, as well as safe. This cutting edge piece of technology is suitable for all the family.

Zip around specialist tracks and compete with each other for a laugh-filled and memorable ride! Our Segway experience days are offered at a variety of accessible UK locations.

Some of our tank driving experiences are also suitable for children from the ages of 12 and up, as they can ride in the iconic vehicle as a passenger whilst it crushes cars! Call today to find out more.

Sailing and Yachting

How about a gentle boat ride across the British coast this Easter? We provide a range of sailing days across the country that could see you and your family enjoying a picnic on a private sail boat or yacht.

For young children and teenagers this is a great chance to experience the joy of sailing out on the big blue, and for adults it is the perfect opportunity to relax and drink in the scenery.

In some cases you can even get hands on to help sail the boat, and learn the basics of sailing for yourself!

In most cases sailing days are suitable for teenagers, but not young children. Please check beforehand to find a day suitable for everyone in your family. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

Theatre Trips

If you prefer a bit of culture with your day out, then a West End theatre experience can be a lovely trip out for the whole family.

This can include a classy dinner and hotel stay to make the trip really special. Family friendly theatre trips include seeing 'Wicked', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', as well as 'Stomp' and other musicals.

These can be great for kids who are inspired by the magic of the theatre, whilst older family members can appreciate the razzle dazzle of a night out on the town.


Different experience days will have different regulations about group sizes and age limits. We suggest checking beforehand to make sure that you have found a day that is suitable for the whole family.

We also recommend booking as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment, since this can be a busy time of year for experience days, especially for more popular events.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying

Helicopter Experiences

Helicopter Experiences

Aerobatic Flying Experience

Aerobatic Flying Experience

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Whatever suits your family, we have an experience day they'll love this Easter.

From excited kids to enthusiastic grandparents, our customers always leave their experience day with a grin on their face!

Whether you want to go sailing for a day, venture into the skies for birds eye views, or go driving in a tank, we've got the perfect day for your Easter.

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An Experience Day for All the Family