Make Your Graduation Unforgettable With an Experience Day

Make Your Graduation Unforgettable With an Experience Day

Why Experience Days?

Why go on an experience day to celebrate graduating? When you graduate, you'll be celebrating your accomplishments and broadened horizon. An experience day can be a challenge and an achievement in the same way.

Whilst you are celebrating your success, why not take the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream, or try a new challenge to make your graduation truly unforgettable? Celebrate in style!

A group experience day is excellent for you and your friends to share in the joy and elation that graduation brings, and to have an exhilarating time out together.

If you are looking for a novel and memorable gift for a graduate, an experience day can be ideal. It can be a once in a lifetime opportunity that makes their achievement even more special.

A Challenge and Celebration

Wing walking is a daring and heart pounding experience that will test your limits whilst giving you an unbeatable birds eye view! You'll be rigged to the wing of a plane as it takes off, with nothing between you and the rushing air as you fly high up. This is perfect for dare devils and adventurous spirits.

Many people want to push their boundaries and add to their accomplishments whilst graduating. As well as wing walking, you can try a bungee jump. This is a popular experience day that is on many bucket lists.

A bungee jump can be a test of bravery, and a fun thrill that is hard to replicate in any other way. You'll be left grinning and elated after achieving your bungee jump - the same way you should feel after graduating!

If you fancy more of a celebration or reward than a challenge, a spa or pamper day, or London show experience, can be a relaxed option. After all that hard work, you may need a nice calming massage!

Group Experiences

If you and a group of friends are about to graduate, or have just graduated, then a group experience day is a fantastic and novel way to send up the last hurrah together.

Share the celebration with friends, or with family, as you participate in exhilarating and unique experience days such as skydiving, hot air balloon rides, or sailing days.

A hot air balloon ride over the beautiful British countryside is an excellent way to celebrate the big milestone with family of all ages. There are many locations offered for this across the UK, including near major cities.

You'll float high above the ground in a unique hot air balloon, and will be able to spot landmarks from high up, and enjoy the pleasant breeze and views.

For something more pulse raising and challenging, a group skydive is truly unbeatable. You and your friends will have safety training before being taken up to 13,000ft off the ground. Who is brave enough to jump first? Only one way to find out!

Tank Driving Experience

Tank Driving Experience

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Off Roading Experience

Off Roading Experience

West End Shows

West End Shows

Graduation Gifts & Ideas

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Group Experience Days and Gifts

Make sure your success is unforgeable, and take the chance to experience something truly incredible with an experience day.

Group experiences are a fun and unique way to mark your graduation with an unforgettable day together.

As a gift, an experience day is the ideal way to congratulate a loved one on their achievements, and share in their celebration.

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Make Your Graduation Unforgettable With an Experience Day