Group Hot Air Balloon Flight near Leeds and Yorkshire

Hot air balloon flights close to Leeds Yorkshire for groups. Experience Days Pro is an expert provider of group booking activities for individuals and corporate clients throughout the week.

You can benefit from our responsive customer service as we help plan your group experience down to the finest detail.

With launch sites located throughout the United Kingdom, it has never been easier to find a group hot air balloon flight with Experience Days Pro.

A group hot air balloon experience from Leeds is ideal for any experience that you're booking including:

  • Family days out
  • Stag and hen do's
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Marketing events
We hope we've given you some inspiring ideas for an incredible ballooning experience close to Yorkshire. Experience Days Pro can provide vouchers which last 12 months, providing complete flexibility and convenience for your group.

Group Hot Air Balloon Rides close to Yorkshire

Group Balloon Rides close to Yorkshire

Fantastic ballooning experiences for groups thanks to Experience Days Pro. With our extensive experience in group bookings for hot air balloon flights close to Leeds Yorkshire, we can make the whole process hassle-free and convenient.

A hot air balloon flight near Yorkshire will last for approximately one hour but you should allow three to four hours for this memorable experience which often includes the inflation and deflation of the balloon which many passengers are delighted to take part in.

Once the balloon has been set up and everyone is safely on-board, the experienced pilots will inflate the envelope (that's the actual name for the balloon), using propane burners. As it gently soars to heights of up to 3000 ft, the winds will gently take your balloon to distances of about 8 miles in many cases.

During this time you and your group will gaze in wonder at the animals, people, towns and fields below and each time is unique as the wind will determine the flight path chosen.

Once the group has returned to terra firma your ride will finish with a champagne toast and the presentation of flight certificate from the pilot.

The CAA regulated operators want to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy every minute of your ballooning experience which is why your group's safety is of paramount importance to them. Since hot air balloon rides are obviously an outdoor activity, weather plays an important factor in deciding if a flight should take place.

Should your group flight be delayed due to unsafe weather e.g. rain, fog and high winds, you can quickly schedule another suitable date with the pilot.

At Experience Days Pro we are waiting to answer any enquiries that you might have about group hot air balloon rides. All you have to do is phone us or complete the form provided.

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Balloon Rides In The UK For Groups

If you're looking for incredible group balloon flights near Leeds, Experience Days Pro is the best choice.

Hot air balloon flights for groups are available for evening or morning flights throughout the week (subject to availability) - demand is considerable, so prior booking is highly advised to avoid disappointment.

The launch sites for group rides are subject to airspace regulations and weather conditions and the CAA approved operators will always put your safety first.

The ballooning season is from April to October and with a minimum age of 8 years (with parental supervision) it makes a perfect experience for families of any size.

Balloon experiences are available 7 days a week for selected evenings and mornings but prior booking is essential to ensure we can accommodate your group!

Travel from Leeds and experience the delight of vintage flying with group ballooning today!

Group Hot Air Balloon Flights near Leeds in Yorkshire & Group Balloon Ride near Yorkshire