Halloween Experiences in the UK

Halloween Experiences in the UK

Zombie Run

The staple of modern horror, zombies are everywhere nowadays - and this Halloween you can learn how to survive a zombie attack! A zombie combat training experience is a unique and exhilarating way to spend your day.

You'll learn self defence techniques and have weapons training as you and your team of daring survivors take on the undead in this active and unusual adventure!

Zombie airsoft experiences are perfect for those looking to fight a horde of zombies head on - team up with your friends in this paintball style experience, and see how you would fare in a real zombie apocalypse!

These experiences take place in Buckinghamshire and Manchester, so prepare for a thrilling day out.

Murder Mystery Train

What's more thrilling than a murder mystery? A moving murder mystery! Recreate the classic detective tales by having your own crime mystery on a traditional English train.

'Dinner on the murder mystery train' packages are available at several prominent locations across the UK, and will see you enjoy gourmet 5-course dinners whilst being challenged with an intriguing murder mystery that will unfold before you.

You'll get the chance to become a budding detective for a day, as you interact with passengers and crew to gather up clues, whilst your luxury train travels 16 miles through the British countryside.

You'll receive champagne and wine to drink, a a ticket for free travel on the railway the day after. This makes for an excellent gift for birthdays or anniversaries, and is a fabulous way to celebrate the most chilling time of year!

A Different Kind of Scare

Or why not just go for something daring? A bungee jump, skydive or wing walking experience can be truly pulse-raising and heart-pounding, and for many will be a very scary prospect!

These are excellent experiences to share with friends and family, and if you want to have a fun kind of fright, then there's nothing quite like being strapped to the wing of a plane whilst it dives through the air!

Wing walking is a very popular experience day, and is on many peoples' bucket lists. This is truly the adrenalin junkies dream, and though many people get nervous before being strapped to the plane, they come away grinning and wanting more!

You'll be securely attached to the wing of a plane, as it performs acrobatic feats through the open air, with you getting the best views possible from way up high.

Bungee jumping is a fantastic way to get your heart pounding, and is a must have experience for many. As you dive from a great height, you'll be experiencing a truly exhilarating rush.

Face your fears and see if you can take a step over the edge...even more daring than bungee jumping is skydiving! How brave will you be when faced with the prospect of jumping out of a plane in middair?

Heart pounding experience days can be a novel way to spend your Halloween, and though you may be scared by the prospect of these boundary-testing challenges, you certainly won't regret it.

Gliding Experience

Gliding Experience

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Tank Driving Experience

Tank Driving Experience

Rally Driving Days

Rally Driving Days

Halloween Experiences

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Halloween Experiences to Remember

Make sure that your Halloween is truly thrilling, with a pulse raising and exciting experience day.

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Halloween Experiences in the UK