Recreate the Adventures of James Bond

Recreate the Adventures of James Bond

With the newest James Bond film 'Spectre' coming out in the UK on 6th November this year, Bond fever will be reaching a peak. Fans of the legendary 007 will find no better time to take advantage of the experience days we offer, to recreate the big screen adventures of everyone's favourite superspy.

You can powerboat across open waters like Pierce Brosnan in The World is Not Enough, drive an Aston Martin supercar for the incredible speed and sophistication it offers, experience the power of a jetpack like Connery in Goldfinger with our amazing Jetlev experiences or simply experience our 300 foot bungee jump, your very own Goldeneye death defying drop.

We offer a wide range of experience days that give you the chance to recreate the greatest action scenes from the best Bond films. Have your own adventure in time for the new film, and you'll be one step closer to being a secret agent yourself!

The Vehicles and Adventures of James Bond

If you or a loved one has always dreamed of the chance to be just like Bond, then you can't miss the chance to go on your own adventure in the UK.

There's no shortage of experience days to match the action adventures that Bond has had on the big screen. Whether you want to fly high in the air, recreate the jetpack scene, or drive a supercar like the classy spy, we have what you want.

Gyrocopter and Microlight

The famous gyrocopter that Bond uses in 'You Only Live Twice' is named Little Nelly, and is a fan favourite vehicle. Why not try flying in your own version of Little Nelly with a gyrocopter or microlight experience?

These small and compact aircrafts are light and agile, and you'll feel truly free in the air as you pilot your own gyrocopter or microlight. These are easy to get used to, and excellent for enthusiastic pilots. Unfortunately we can't offer gyrocopters with machine guns and parachute mines quite yet!

We also offer flying experiences and lessons across the country. Maybe you can't get a license to kill like James Bond, but you can certainly get your own license to fly! You'll be instructed by a trained professional in a modern aircraft as you get to grips with the skill of piloting.


Whilst generally referred to as a gyrocopter, Little Nelly is technically a type of helicopter. 007 has certainly had plenty of experience with helicopters, whether he's being pursued by them in 'From Russia With Love' or is taking control of one in 'For Your Eyes Only'.

If you've always wanted to get in a helicopter yourself, we offer a range of helicopter flying experiences, pleasure flights, and lessons. You can enjoy a personalised tour of the British landscape, spotting famous landmarks and enjoying the pleasant view.

You'll get the chance to know what it takes to pilot a helicopter, and about how these important aircrafts work. Budding engineers or pilots can get up close and personal with a helicopter, and imagine what it's like to have your own to fly!


In 'Octopussy' the MI6 Q department provide Bond with a hot air balloon, whilst in 'The World Is Not Enough' he destroys one! Your hot air balloon experience might not be so risky or action packed as that of the lovable spy, but it certainly will be unforgettable.

All the family can enjoy a breathtaking birds eye view of Bond's home turf, as you soar over the gorgeous British countryside and drink in the wonderful views this historic country has to offer. This is great for younger or older Bond fans in particular.

Skydiving and Wing Walking

Whilst flying in a microlight or learning to pilot a helicopter is exciting, if you really want some pulse-raising thrills then you'll need to go skydiving! Have your own action adventure, by seeing if you are brave enough to jump out of a plane and parachute safely to the ground.

007 is no stranger to skydiving and parachute jumps, and in many tight situations and daring mission he's had to jump from dizzying heights. Most famously he did a parachute jump in 'The Spy Who Loved Me', skydived into a falling plane in 'Goldeneye' and skydived from a plane whilst fighting the powerful henchman Jaws in 'Moonraker'.

You'll need nerves of steel and a thirst for adventure if you want to recreate another of Bond's on-screen experiences - wing walking! At the end of the popular film 'Octopussy' Bond walks on a plane wing, and you can get a taste of what this exhilarating experience is like!

You'll be rigged onto the wing of a modern plane as an experienced pilot takes off and soars high up into the air. You'll have the perfect view high up, and will feel the wind on your face. No other experience will get your heart pounding quite like wing walking!


In the pre-credit scenes of 'Thunderball' Bond utilises a piece of incredible modern technology, using a jet pack to escape to his Aston Martin DB5. Whilst jetpacks might not be available, you can still get a chance to hover high up with the power of a Jetlev.

Jetlev's are used over water, and attach to your back like a jetpack. You are then able to float high above water for a unique and thrilling rush that you'll never forget. Consider it practice for if you ever need to make a fast getaway whilst on a mission!


Speedboats and James Bond go together like champagne and caviar, with the daring agent taking control of these powerful vehicles to chase and outrun villains across the globe in 'Moonraker' as well as 'Live and Let Die'. With our power boat and Zapcat experiences we guarantee Sheriff JW Pepper won't be able to catch you!

In his own country, James Bond has driven a speed boat down the Thames. So if you fancy a wet and wild experience like the big screen legend, then you'll want a powerboating experience - we can even offer a 007 Powerboat Day in Southampton from May to October.

You'll have the chance to ride in or control a high-speed powerboat or Zapcat across open water, racing at top speeds as wind and water rush by you. You can picture yourself in hot pursuit of a wanted criminal, or escaping from Blofeld's minions!


Of course, if you really want to recreate the best antics of the legendary British spy, then what you really want is the chance to drive an impressive and speedy supercar.

From 'Dr. No' to 'Skyfall', James Bond has always had the pleasure of driving the fastest and classiest cars in the world, from the iconic Aston Martin to the modern Mercedes Jaguar XJ.

Bond films and supercars are inseparable, with many of the top manufacturers providing vehicles for the film, leaving 007 and car fans eagerly anticipating the vehicles that will be used in new films. Recently the new Aston Martin DB10 was unveiled for the upcoming film 'SPECTRE'.

But supercars aren't just for movies - you can recreate the excitement and action of a Bond film with your own supercar driving experience. Available at locations across the UK, you can drive a range of different iconic vehicles, including Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Audis, and Jaguars.

You'll be able to race around specialist tracks and picture yourself on a daring mission in the upcoming Bond outing 'SPECTRE'. You'll never want to drive a normal car again!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Gliding Experience

Gliding Experience

Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying

Off Roading Experience

Off Roading Experience

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