JetLev Experience Days close to Andover Hampshire

JetLev Experience Days near Andover Hampshire

Suit up for enormous fun with this amazing and wild JetLev event near Andover and Hampshire from Experience Days Pro Adventure.

Experience Days Pro has partnered with a leading supplier to provide an experience with the UK's only JetLev-Flyer team who can provide single JetLev rides or twin seated experience.

JetLev madness is the latest craze sport to hit the water sport centres across Hampshire and the UK reaching speeds of nearly 50mph across the water.

These JetLev's are water powered JetPacks that thrust high powered water from the base that you strap to. You turn the LevJet with the finger-tip controls on your armrest and the whole thing has a 10m hose to suck up the water for 20 minutes of awesome adventure.

Jetleving near Hampshire is really exciting experience that will leave you smiling for weeks after!

Our Jetlev flights can be done at water sport facilities in Wyboston Lakes and Surrey Docks depending on where you are in Hampshire.

Total adrenalin nutters may want to head out on the water with the one person JetLev that's guaranteed to get you just a bit wet. If JetLev's is not your choice then we have a wide selection of water sports near Andover that will make the most hardened adrenaline junkie shudder.

FlyBoard Days close to Andover

FlyBoard Days Out close to Andover

Venture out onto the lakes with our fantastic Flyboard experiences, suitable for complete beginners through to pro's.

The modern and fully equipped Flyboard water park based in London and is very accessible from Andover Hampshire.

When you arrive your day begins with a lesson on land with a demo of the key manoeuvre that are essential in Flyboarding. You'll be guided by trained specialists who hope to pass their love of Flyboarding onto you.

Beginners will be attached to a Flyboard, and the boards hose is attached to a jet ski to get you going. The instructor will give reassuring words that will quickly get you up on your Flyboard as the jets are turned on - and the pressure sends you floating above the water!

Once you progress, experienced Flyboarders can move on to performing tricks, and waving to the crowds that regularly gather to witness the aerial acrobatics - and the occasional splash into the water!

Sound like an experience you'd like to try? Or maybe the ideal gift for that special someone? Experience Days Pro Adventure has the Flyboarding experience that is just right for you.

So why not call our friendly customer service team to order your superb water sports experience. And why not arrange a day with loved ones?

Details About JetLev & Flyboarding Experiences near Andover

Flyboarding Experiences

The lowest age for Flyboarding experience participants is 16, with under 18s needing parental approval, and accompaniment by an adult in some cases. There is no maximum age limit, although participants need to have a good level of health and fitness.

The lowest weight for participants is around 7 stone, although there is rarely a lower limit set. The maximum weight limit is often around 20-25 stone, although in specific locations it is 16 stone.

There is no height guidelines, although participants will need to have size 6-14 feet in order to stand comfortably on the Flyboard. Glasses cannot be worn, and waterproof clothes are advised!

JetLev Experiences

The minimum age limit for JetLev experiences in Bedfordshire or London is 8 for a twin seat flight, and 18 for a solo flight. There is no upper age limit.

The maximum weight limit is 10 stone for a twin seat flight, and 23 stone for a solo flight. There is no lower weight limit or height limits

Whatever type of jetlev of flyboarding experience near Hampshire that you are experiencing, a good level of health and fitness is needed.

Pregnant women, and anyone with sever heart conditions or asthma will be unable to participate in the experience. Spectators are welcome to witness the flyboarding or jetlev experience near Hampshire.

We strongly suggest checking these details before booking a flyboarding or jetlev experience as they can change between locations.

Our courteous customer advice team will be happy to offer the information you require to make an informed choice about your flyboarding or jetlev experience near Andover. Most vouchers last 12 months.

Rally Driving Days

Rally Driving Days

Off Roading Experience

Off Roading Experience

Sailing Experiences

Sailing Experiences

Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying

JetLev & Flyboarding Experiences Andover

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Great FlyBoard & JetLev Experiences

JetLev and Flyboarding experiences are a fantastic present for a buddy or partner or loved one telephone us and we will assist you plan a fantastic day out that will make ripples over the water.

We have a great selection of choices on offer throughout the UK and we can help you locate the best site suitable to you close to Andover or near Hampshire.

Water sports are great fun for all the family and can be enjoyed by amateurs and the professionals alike.

Make it a fun-packed day out that everyone is sure to remember.

JetLev Days near Andover Hampshire & FlyBoarding Day near Andover