Water Sports at London Docklands

The fantastic water sport site at the London Victoria Docks has lots of options for different types of water sports. Below are some of the activities and attractions available in the London Docklands area:

Jet Lev Experiences

Jetlev has to be seen to be believed. Even better, why not try it out for yourself? A Jetlev is essentially a jetpack that lets you hover high up above water - and who doesn't want try on a jetpack? You can read more about this and arrange with us on this page: Jet Lev Experience

Wake boarding

The brilliant cable system will drag you round the Royal Docks waters over ramps and rails for a thrilling rush. This cool sport is very popular with young people because it tests your limits, and is quite specialist. Give it a go and find out why this is the hottest watersport around.

Urban Beach

You usually can't say you can go to a beach when you're in in the middle of a central city. But in London Docklands you can, at the man made beach! This urban beach is a real unique twist to the Docklands, and is an unusual tourist spot.

Excel Arena

This huge venue known for its award winning exhibitions and always has something going on. From comic conventions to business summits, wedding shows to tech expos, this is a popular venue for a reason.

Emirates Airline

Experience a new way to travel in London with this large cable car construction that travels over the Thames. This is a unique and scenic way to travel through London, and certainly a fun way to avoid the packed underground!

London Royal Docks

London Royal Docks

The London Royal Docks are currently undergoing a massive development which has a 1 Billion investment behind it. There are different parts to the docks, some of which have already been developed, such as the royal Victoria dock.

The London Victoria Dock hosts a large water park where lots of water sports are held. There is a huge cable system for wake boarding, with ramps and rails to add to the excitement for the more experienced boarders.

This huge water park has a totally different surrounding than typical water sport locations such as lakes, harbours and sea locations. It has brand new buildings, and a recently developed mountain style cable car near by that takes you over the Thames. Also backing onto the dock is the huge excel arena that hosts large events throughout the year.

There are lots of travel options to get to this location with overground rails, bus routes, and even the amazing Emirates air line cable car for a totally cool travel experience if travelling from North Greenwich first.

Food is never far, as you have a food shack right on the edge of the dock along with a sports shop for water sport equipment. There is also a floating bar at the site shaped like an oil rig!

There is no wonder why this is becoming a hugely popular location with all it has to offer right at the dock itself. With tons of other attractions and places to visit in the surrounding London area, there will never be a dull moment. Whether is shopping in Oxford Street, going to watch a West End show or eating at a world famous chef's restaurant.

There is so much to do in London, why not make a weekend of it if you are travelling from out of London? As well as seeing the iconic tourist locations in London, why not try something different and add an experience into the mix to make an epic trip all round! As UK holidays are the 'in thing' to do this is becoming a more popular approach to take.

As for staying in London there are more hotels than you can count, to suit people on different budgets. There are hotels located close to the London Royal Docks, however if you are staying further away travel will not be an issue.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Spitfire Flying Experience

Spitfire Flying Experience

Spa Days

Spa Days

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Experiences At London Docklands

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London Docklands Experiences

If you would like to find out about London Dockland experiences or any experiences in London, Experience Days Pro is here to help. We have many types of experiences to offer throughout the UK and lots in the London region.

We specifically have water sports options available in the London area, for something a little bit different to make your trip to London extra special.

Water Sports at London Docklands & London Royal Docks