Microlight Flying Lessons close to Cardiff Glamorgan

Microlight Flying Lessons near to Cardiff Glamorgan

Our unforgettable Microlight adventures have the ultimate buzz as you thrust skywards on a fixed wing or flexi-wing Microlight close to Cardiff.

Microlight flying offer extreme enjoyment for unbeatable mid-air experiences.

No other flying experience gives the same level of exposure in the sky as your highly trained pilot takes you to the extreme of your aircraft's flying potential.

Once your highly trained pilot has your heart pumping with their aerial climbs it's your turn to take the joystick steering your Microlight across the Cardiff and Glamorgan sky with the opportunity to try some basic manoeuvres if you dare.

One of the greatest aspects of flying a Microlight aircraft in Cardiff is that it is pretty easy to learn, and even easier to enjoy!

You'll be provided with modern safety gear and equipment, such as a complete flying suit, helmet, and gloves to ensure you are safe and prepared to fly.

If you're searching for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, then a Microlight flight in Cardiff could be just the thing you need! A Microlight experience day in Cardiff and Glamorgan can also make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

Or why not treat yourself? If you want a great day out, or to complete a lifelong ambition, then Experience Days Pro Adventure has the Microlight flight for you.

Microlighting near to Glamorgan

Microlighting near to Cardiff

Our fixed wing and flexi-wing Microlight packages offer many of options to suit your needs close to Cardiff

With our fixed wing Microlight experience days your Microlight flight starts with a comprehensive safety briefing before you venture up to the skies.

In an enclosed cabin your highly trained instructor will pilot you an a series of amazing turns before you have the control the Microlight yourself.

With our flexi-wing Microlight experience days close to Cardiff and Glamorgan, your Microlight adventure begins with the same comprehensive safety briefing and then you're exposed to the elements in our open aircraft. The flex-wing aircraft offer the ultimate exposure as you speed across the skies.

For a simpler style of flying, Microlight experiences close to Cardiff are perfect, combining the thrill of flying high above a beautiful landscape with the simplicity of a comfortable Microlight aircraft.

Cameras are invited so that you can memorise your breathtaking Microlight flight close to Cardiff and Glamorgan. Spectators can experience your Microlight takeoff and landing with you as well!

We offer a fantastic range of experiences for 20, 40 or 60 minutes, and that will suit a variety of different budgets.

All of Experience Days Pro's Microlight experience day are provided by Civil Aviation Authority and British Microlight Aircraft Association approved pilots because your safety is their main priority.

Please ring our friendly customers advice team and they'll help you schedule your Microlight experience close to Cardiff in Glamorgan.

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Incredible Microlight Experiences Nationwide

Experience Days Pro's amazing Microlight experience day packages close to Cardiff make a totally different gift for your family.

With Experience Days Pro's awesome e-vouchers you can order an incredible Microlight experience as a gift and arrange the experience for a time and date that suits you. Most vouchers lat 12 months.

So why not ring our knowledgeable customer service team to buy your unbeatable Microlight experience day close to Glamorgan.

Microlight Flying Lessons near to Cardiff Glamorgan & Microlighting near to Glamorgan