Experience Days in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Driving Experiences

If you are fan of fast cars and no-holds-barred racing, then you'll love the driving experiences we offer in Oxfordshire. From awesome supercars to rough and ready 4x4s, on specialist courses or off-road tracks, it's all covered.

You can recreate the thrills of your favourite races by getting behind the wheel of an authentic rally car on dedicated courses. You can choose from short taster sessions that last over 2 hours, or go for the full day experience where you can pick the vehicle you drive.

For a rough and wild ride, go off the beaten track by going off-road! You'll be in charge of a powerful 4x4 vehicle as you get to tear across wild landscapes and really push your driving limits.

If you prefer a smoother yet still exhilarating ride, then the classy supercar driving days are just for you. You'll get the chance to drive some of the sleekest and fastest cars around for a taste of the high life.

You could drive a Ferrari 360, Porsche 999, Aston Martin DB9, or Lamborghini Gallardo. These finely-tuned cars are a true joy to drive, and are thrilling to ride in as a passenger.

Oxfordshire Flying Experiences

Asides from driving days in Oxfordshire, you can also have the chance to take to the skies in a flying experience. Choose from microlight flights, flying lessons, or helicopter tours for a magnificent birds-eye view of this historic county.

For the budding captain, flying lessons are a must-have experience that you'll never forget. Often people take up flying as a hobby after their first taster session. Microlight flights are also very popular, as these unique aircrafts are very agile.

If you want to enjoy a scenic tour from high up, a helicopter flight is ideal. You can drink in the view as you fly high in the clouds, spotting famous landmarks and enjoying the gorgeous British landscape.

Visiting Oxfordshire

Visiting Oxfordshire

What to See and Do

For history enthusiasts Oxford is a top destination, thanks to its plethora of ancient and important buildings. The University of Oxford colleges are a popular tourists destination rich with history.

Oxford has a well established arts and theatre scene and plenty of museums, as well as excellent shopping opportunities. Local tours and literary events are also popular and run regularly.

If you enjoy exploring magnificent countryside, then Oxfordshire has a lot to offer you. There are plenty of popular walking, cycling, and hiking routes to choose from that will allow you to enjoy this beautiful countryside in person.

In Oxfordshire you will find many traditional country pubs boasting heart roast dinners, as well as modern gastropubs boasting inventive dishes. Tea rooms and cafes are in abundance as well for the perfect country lunch.

Travel and Overnight Stays

Oxfordshire has a wealth of hotels and B&Bs. Many of these are in historic and atmospheric buildings that have been modernised to be as comfortable as possible.

If you are staying in Oxford during the summer, rooms are also available at the University college dorms. In a range of locations camp-sites are open, suitable for tents, caravans, or camper vans.

Travelling to Oxfordshire is relatively simple, with links to the M40 and M4 and London only 2 hours away. Regular train services can also be relied on from most major cities into Oxford.

Within Oxford, it is recommended that you use public transport, such as buses and park and rides. These run regularly and benefit from a modern system.

If you are travelling from a long distance away, Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London are the best option to use, although there is also a small London Oxford Airport mainly offering flights to and from Jersey.

Monster Truck Experience

Monster Truck Experience

Sailing Experiences

Sailing Experiences

Gliding Experience

Gliding Experience

Jetlev & Flyboard Experiences

Jetlev & Flyboard Experiences

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Discover Oxfordshire and Experience Days

Oxfordshire is a rich and beautiful county that deserves to be explored.

Combine a trip to this region of the UK with an exciting flying or driving day for a truly unforgettable experience.

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