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Have you ever stared out at the sea and imagined you were blitzing along the coastline in a rapid powerboat?

These days this is not just a day out for the rich and famous, but for all types thrill-seeker who wishes to feel the fastest way to speed off land.

No matter where you are in the country we have a powerboat experience to suit you with just a short travel. We even have Zapcat inflatable powerboats, which are built for pure agility and thrilling battles.

These experiences are not for the faint hearted or slow cruisers who want to enjoy the sights out at sea. Powerboat driving is for thrill searchers who want a knuckle clenching, pure hair raising sea experience.

So get ready to get wet, fly through the air off the waves and reach break neck sea speeds.

Powerboat driving makes a surprising gift to the thrill seeker in your life, or an unforgettable way to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday.

Try it for office parties, birthday parties, and hen or stag dos, and you'll be laughing about the experience for years!

For a personalised and free powerboating experience package, simply call our knowledgeable customer support team today, or fill out the online form on this page with your contact information and enquiry, for a response during business hours via email or phone call.

Powerboat Day


Lots of the powerboat used on our experience days are actually used in championship, racing including the Zap Cat racers and Honda model lines.

This means that you are going to be taken for a spin in some of the speediest vessels that ride the sea!

Our options are unmatched for powerboat challenges. We offer excursions such as the epic Zapcat racing. This is where you are a passenger taken out by a professional driver, who will carry out the trickiest manoeuvres to certainly get your head spinning.

These are usually on Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) or on double hull superboats, where you be accompanied while taking the controls of the wheel for the best experience possible.

The other type of experiences are set up for a full on lesson in how to operate and drive a powerboat. Our experienced trainers will give guidance on all of the below skills over the time period of 2 days:

• Figure of eights at extreme speeds
• Bringing the powerboat back into the dock and station
• Understanding the rules of arriving into and driving through the harbour
• The well known man over board retrieval training
• Trained how to use and manage the Anchor as well as rope tying

After a 2 day training session you will be fully qualified to travel on a powerboat out by yourself! Whatever option you select, we are sure you will be telling all your pals about your trip.

Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying

Off Roading Experience

Off Roading Experience



Spa Days

Spa Days

Powerboat Driving Experiences

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Crazy Powerboat Driving Experiences

Whether you are looking to partake in a full RYA certified class or just a quick blast around in a Zapcat boat, we have the option there for you.

So call us today and we will help locate the best deal and package for you. Most vouchers last 12 months.

You will always be in the best hands with highly experienced instructors as well as the best protective gear to be sure of your safety while out at sea. So you can have a great time without needing to worry for your safety.

We will do our best to locate the nearest powerboat experience to you as we can.

Zapcat Experience & Powerboat Day