Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Due to the massive range of experiences we offer with various providers, used it isn't possible for us to list all of the specific prices for our experiences. Prices can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

For example, different locations will have different experience days on offer. You can often choose how long these experiences go on for, whether it is a group activity or not, and which vehicle you want to use in the case of driving days.

All these different factors make it difficult to have a strict price guideline, so we ask that you get in contact with us to enquire about the experience day you are interested in, and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

You can also let us know your budget, and we can try to find a suitable experience day that you can afford. We will always tell you the full price of the experience day up front. Any extra costs on the day, such as official photos, will always be optional as well.

At Experience Days Pro we understand that you may need to save up for some of our incredible experiences. That's why we offer vouchers ranging from 50 to 300 which we issue out by email.

You can then save regularly towards your experience and book when you are ready, buying more vouchers to top up your total. This method of paying in instalments is a great way to save up for the big day.

Experience Day Price Bands

Here we provide guidelines for pricing on different categories of experience day. For more specific prices, please call our friendly customer care team, or submit your enquiry with the online form below.


Depending on the location and the type of jump you want to do, a full days skydiving package can cost as little as 225 including VAT. All of our instructors are registered with the British Parachute Association.

Supercars and Rallying

Broadly speaking supercar and rally experiences start at around 89, depending on the range and number of vehicles, the number of laps, etc. Our excellent rally experiences for a half or full day of driving starts at 299.

Flying experiences

Flying experiences can start at as low as 109 for a 30 minute flight, during which you'll be fully in control of the aircraft. Our gliding and microlight flying experiences start from 89 upwards, depending on the length of the flight and number of flights wanted.


Our watersports providers offer fantastic opportunities for groups and individuals. Jetlev for around 95, and ride in a speedy thunder cat or power boat for around 99.


Pampering experiences such as spa trips, as well as days out to a London show, start from 89 and up. There are a range of treatments available for spa days, and the London show includes dinner at a fine restaurant.

Rally Driving Days

Rally Driving Days

Wing Walking Experience

Wing Walking Experience

Skydiving Experience Days

Skydiving Experience Days

Monster Truck Experience

Monster Truck Experience

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Our Pricing & Experience Day Price Bands