Charity Parachuting Experiences near North Stainley

Charity Parachute Experiences near North Stainley

At Experience Days Pro we offer the most amazing charity parachute jumps to suit all requirements.

With Experience Days Pro's experienced parachute instructors our charity skydives are the most incredible way to raise sponsorship for your charity.

Stepping out of the plane door at over 13,000 feet you'll be attached to your instructor as you drop to earth at an outstanding 120 mph!

But you won't just be a passenger as you step out into a stunning drop, feeling the rush of the air around your body.

As the canopy is opened at five thousand feet you will feel the snap and change of pace as you gently float to earth below your parachute canopy for a breath taking drift back to earth near to North Stainley Yorkshire.

Your safety is paramount, and we want you to have the adrenaline buzz for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. As part of your Experience Days Pro experience near North Stainley you will receive a comprehensive safety briefing with highly experienced jump experts so your Parachuting experience day is safe and exciting.

You'll need to know what to do and when which is why you'll take part in extensive pre-jump training before your parachute jump.

Due to the number of skydiving locations and packages we provide we suggest phoning our customer care team to talk about which dive will suit you at the best location.

Incredible Skydiving Experience Days near Yorkshire

If you are looking for that incredible skydiving experience near to North Stainley Yorkshire, look no further than Experience Days Pro.

With parachute partners across the country Experience Days Pro can offer the most incredible skydive jump for you.

The thrill of jumping out of an aeroplane at over 13,000 feet can't be beaten with over 8000 ft of freefall, dropping at an unbelievable 120mph.

With the comfort that your instructor is safely strapped to you, you will enjoy unparalleled views of the British landscape as your parachute canopy opens at 5000 ft and you spend five minutes gently floating down to earth.

Our skydiving experience truly represents the ultimate challenge... do you dare?

Parachute experience days are the most incredible presents for family near North Stainley. Imagine your loved one's face as they open their card to find the ultimate sky diving experience day as their present. A sky diving will be a gift they'll never forget.

With Experience Days Pro e-voucher system you can purchase amazing skydive experience day for your friends close to Yorkshire. Arrange jump on a day that suits you.

Our e-vouchers last for 12 months and sky dive experience days can be ordered at our UK aerodromes. For a truly memorable gift, give our friendly team a call to make your loved one's wishes come true.

Specialist Skydiving Experiences near Yorkshire

Specialist Skydiving Experiences near Yorkshire

Tandem Skydiving near Yorkshire Details

Tandem skydiving near Yorkshire is a fantastic way to have a fun experience, as you fall through the sky whilst connected to an instructor.

The instructors are experienced experts who will take you down 10,000 ft from the plane to the ground, as you are free to drink in the excitement of freefall skydiving.

This way you can avoid all the training, and enjoy a skydive even when you are a complete newbie. Perfect if you are feeling a little nervous, or want to really enjoy the view on the way down!

For tandem skydiving, weight limits are lower due to there being 2 people involved. For women the maximum weight limit is 13.5 stone, and for men it is 14.5 stone.

Indoor Skydiving near Yorkshire Details

Indoor skydiving is offered in a vertical wind tunnel. An indoor skydive can take place whatever the weather is like outside, and can give you the exhilaration of falling from a great height, without ever stepping foot on a plane!

There are a small number of specialist locations where indoor skydiving occurs in the UK, including Basingstoke, Manchester, and Milton Keynes.

Because indoor skydiving is in a more controlled setting than outdoor skydiving, the minimum age is much lower than usual, with children as young as 4 being able to take part.

Static Line Skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall near Yorkshire Details

Some locations provide static line skydiving near Yorkshire, which is a bigger challenge than normal skydiving, and demands specialist training beforehand. This is for the experienced and brave who want to skydive solo!

Accelerated Free Fall skydiving near Yorkshire is a course that can be the start of your journey towards an internationally-recognised skydiving certification. You'll have several hours of training, and be able to perform your own solo skydive.

Static line skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall courses near Yorkshire are only offered at specific locations, so we highly suggest getting in contact with our polite team to discover more.

Information About Skydiving Experiences near North Stainley Yorkshire

The guidelines for skydiving experiences near North Stainley Yorkshire changes depending on the venue where your experience occurs, so please do check beforehand.

Often, there is a lower age limit of 16 years, with under 18s needing parental permission and accompaniment. There is usually no maximum age limit, but those over the age of 50 will need a doctors certificate proving sound health.

The maximum weight limit is usually 15 stone, but bear in mind that this will be significantly lower for tandem skydiving.

A good level of fitness and health is needed in order to participate in a skydive experience comfortably. Spectators are free to come and see your skydive, and to take videos.

We strongly suggest that you find out about the facilities before booking of the venue you are going to, and the type of skydive experience near North Stainley Yorkshire you want to have.

Our polite customer support department are ready to help you choose the perfect skydiving experience for you, so don't hesitate to get in touch to discover more.



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Once in a Lifetime Parachuting Days

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Ultimate Skydiving Experience Days at North Stainley

Our once in a lifetime free fall experience gifts are only available with Civil Aviation Authority registered suppliers.

Skydiving experiences around North Stainley and Yorkshire can make the perfect gift for that special someone, or is a fantastic way to treat yourself to a unforgettable day out.

So call Experience Days Pro to order your jaw dropping parachute experience.

Our helpful Experience Days Pro Adventure customer advice team will provide you with a free quote personalised to your needs.

Charity Parachute Experiences near North Stainley & Incredible Skydiving Experiences near Yorkshire