Southampton and Sailing

On the powerboating experience days in Southampton, you'll get the chance to drive some sleek and incredible powerboats out on the open Solent waters. The Southampton marina is well known across the world as a hub of activity.

It is one of the UKs main ports, with many cruise ships docking there. In the years in between the World Wars, the Southampton docks handled nearly half of all visitors to the UK.

Cruise ships have been visiting Southampton since 1840, and in recent years it has become one of the most vital ports in the world. It is also an important location for trade ships.

Keen boat and sailing enthusiasts frequently visit Southampton for it's busy docks and boating scene, as well as the recently developed Ocean Village marina. Each year the Southampton Boat Show attract hundreds of exhibitors, and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

So where better to go for a journey out to sea than Southampton? With the active and exciting atmosphere of the port and marina, you'll be in an iconic location for your experience day.

The powerboating experience provides in Southampton are highly trained and have extensive experience in the business. In a city with such a focus on sailing, you'll be in safe hands with these experts.

The open Solent sea is an excellent location to let loose on one of these powerful boats, as you speed through the great blue and soak in the excellent views.

Your Day of Powerboating in Southampton

Your Day of Powerboating in Southampton

Your day will vary depending on the specific activity you are taking part in, and the provider you go with. However, in most cases your powerboating experience in Southampton will last a couple of hours, and is suitable for people young or old.

There are regulations in place for health and safety purposes. These include age restrictions and requirements of good health that should be checked before booking. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with us, we'll be happy to help.

Southampton has plenty to offer. As an historic city, there are plenty of important locations to visit related to the maritime and military history of Britain. The West Quay shopping centre is very popular and houses many popular stores, whilst the high street is a hive of activity.

Thanks to a mix of many different cultures, there is a wide range of restaurants and places to eat offering world cuisines. If you fancy some nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs as well as popular theatres and gig venues.

Make your trip to Southampton worthwhile with an overnight stay. There are plenty of hotels close to the city centre, as well as B&Bs and hostels a little farther afield in quieter areas.

There is an excellent train network, and Southampton is not a long drive from London. The Southampton airport also makes your trip to this iconic city truly convenient.

Make your powerboat experience day one of the most memorable adventures of your life. Many come back for more, since one day out on the big blue is never enough! With friends or family, this is a must have experience in a world-renowned location.

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The Perfect Setting For A Fun Filled Ride

Whether you want a thrilling day in a fast boat, or are looking for that perfect gift for the budding captain in your life, a powerboat driving experience is unbeatable.

Southampton is the ideal location with an atmosphere that can't be beat.

Get in touch today and find out about the powerboat driving experiences we offer in Southampton, as well as other UK locations.

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Southampton and Sailing & Your Day of Powerboating in Southampton