Summer Family Activities

Summer Family Activities

For families, the Summer holidays means that the kids are out of school, and they want entertaining! Whilst for some this prospect may seem exhausting, the opportunity to have new and exciting experiences with your family should be taken with relish.

Summer days out with the family can mean having fun experiences that you might not have otherwise. Children love experience days, and often will be inspired by their adventures. So go outdoors this Summer, and makes some memories to cherish!

Outdoor Summer Family Activities

If you like the idea of spending a pleasant Summer's day out on the wide open sea, then a sailing day could be a perfectly relaxing day out. This is ideal for older children, and can be a great experience for budding captains!

Alternatively, you could take a group helicopter flight or balloon ride to get a unique birds eye view of the great British landscape. This is great for all the family, young and old alike.

Take to the skies in a traditional hot air balloon to get a breathtaking view of iconic landmarks, and to inspire children with a new way of looking at the world. Who knows - after one helicopter ride, they may be inspired to take up flying lessons!

For the real thrill-seekers out there, and any budding vehicle enthusiasts, you can't go wrong with a tank driving experience or a monster truck ride! You'll race around in these powerful vehicles and have a truly rough and wild experience - perfect for kids with a thirst for adventure and challenges.

Hands On Family Experiences

How about some outdoor experience days with animals? For nature loving children this is a fun and educational opportunity. You could learn to be a farmer, and get hands on with the care of the popular animals including ponies. You could even go trekking with llamas!

Activity days just for kids are available at popular UK locations, including Manchester, Hampshire, and Nottingham. Your kid can spend all their energy trying new challenges and competing against friends and siblings in archery, mini tank driving, and even Gladiator-style duels!

Is your child a fan of the Hunger Games? Then they'll love the Hunger Games camping experience day, where they will learn some essential survival skills and get hands on in the wild.

Luxury Camping

How about a luxury camping experience? Available for couples or a family of four, you could make the most of the great outdoors and sunny days of Summer by having an unusual camping trip - how about in a tree house?

A luxury tree house break is unique and truly magical, as you'll get to stay two nights in a fully furbished tree house, with wash facilities, a kitchen, and even a small library!

You'll be close to some truly beautiful British landscapes, perfect for scenic walks and cycling trips, and even a trip to local beaches. If you are looking to get away from it all with your loved ones, how about getting high up into the trees? Kids will never want to come down from their own luxury tree house!

Do bear in mind that some experience days will have age restrictions, so please ask about this when enquiring about summer days out for kids.

Summer Days Out for Groups

Fancy having a group experience day with your friends? If you are looking to spend a Summer day out with your friends, then we have some great ideas for you that are sure to provide some unforgettable experiences.

Zorbing and Team Activities

Ever been zorbing? This unusual new fad is fun and truly unique! For most people this is a must-have experience, as you get into a giant plastic ball and roll down a hill-or over water!

You'll be bouncing across the British landscape, and get to run around for a crazy experience that has to be shared with some good mates.

But if you are after more of a challenge to test your friends, there are plenty of assault courses, 'Its a Knockout' days, and army boot camp style courses across the UK to push your limits with. You'll have to use all of your skills and work together to finish the day as champions!

Exciting Outdoor Group Experiences

If you and your friends have a bucket list, you'll probably have skydiving or bungee jumping to tick off. Now you can share the exhilarating thrill of jumping from a great height, and tick that 'must-have' experience off of your lists together!

Group bungee jumping experiences are a perfect opportunity to share a breath-taking and unforgettable experience day with the people you love spending time with.

The Summer holidays is the best time of year to spend a day out on the big blue, so take to the sea with a pulse-raising power boat ride. You and a small group of friends can race at top speeds across the water as you make a big splash in the most popular UK seaside locations, including Brighton, Southampton, and even London.

Make the Most of Your Sumemr

The Great British Summer can offer an incredible range of experiences for you and your friends and family, from relaxing sailing trips to exhilarating helicopter rides, fun experiences with animals to luxury camping trips.

So make the most of the Great British Summer, and find out what experiences you could be having this year.

Skydiving Experience Days

Skydiving Experience Days

Supercar Driving Experiences

Supercar Driving Experiences

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Sailing Experiences

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