Experience Days in Wales

Experience Days in Wales

To get the most out of the gorgeous rolling countryside and famous mountains, as well as the sandy beaches, you'll want to have the best view possible. So why not go for a helicopter ride?

Getting a birds eye view of this ancient country is the best way to soak it all in, and admire the green rural land. You'll be high up in the air, and be able to marvel at the iconic landscape.

You'll be able to cover large distances and view landmarks all whilst enjoying a pleasant flight in a modern aircraft. You can choose the length of your flight, as well as the location in Wales.

Some of the helicopter flights take place above the historic city of Cardiff, whilst others will fly over the lush coastlines and mountainous regions. Please check in advance for availability.

If you prefer to have a go at flying yourself, why not give microlight flights or gliding experiences a go? These small aircraft are light and agile, sending you soaring over the Welsh landscape for an uplifting and incredible experience.

Wales is also home to the Rally of Great Britain, and has many professional race courses. We provide exhilarating rally driving experience days so you can recreate the high speed thrills of rally racing.

Driving is a popular pursuit in Wales, from off-road driving experiences to Segway courses, there's something to thrill and entertain young and old alike.

If you want to explore the beautiful and charming Welsh landscape in a unique and memorable way, an experience day is the perfect way to make the most of your trip to this historic country.

Get the Most Out of Wales

Get the Most Out of Wales

There is plenty to get up to in Wales, with it's thriving arts scene, fresh local food, and wonderful rural locations. Whether you want to take part in the buzzing city life or wander through the remote wilderness, make your experience unforgettable with an inspiring trip to Wales.

Culture and Activities

For history enthusiasts, Wales has a wealth of important cultural artefacts and landmarks to visit. Many excellent castles and ancient churches are available to visit, and there is even an active steam train you can ride in.

Wales has an active TV and film scene, with the BBC being situated in Cardiff, and many locations of cult films accessible for sightseeing. There are also plenty of arts centres and museums to enjoy if you are a 'culture vulture'.

To make the most of the great Welsh landscape, a walking tour, hike, or cycle ride is essential. There are so many excellent locations to explore that you'll have plenty to see. On a beautiful summers day, a picnic on the clear beaches or grassy hills is perfect.

Traditional Welsh foods such as roast beef and lamb, as well as cheeses, seafood, and cakes, are all in abundance. With many small artisans and restaurants gaining popularity for the quality of their products, Wales offers some truly delicious and authentic cuisine.

There are plenty of cafes, pubs, and restaurants with hearty and tasty cuisines, with many using fresh local produce for a distinct and refined flavour to their dishes.

Staying and Travelling in Wales

Wales is home to many quaint B&Bs, that are comfortable and situated in accessible areas. Towards the busier towns and cities, hotels are more frequent and can suit a range of budgets.

Hostels are available as well for those keeping costs low, whilst luxury spa resorts are also plentiful. You can even stay on active farms in some areas!

If you prefer life a bit more wild, why not try camping? The Welsh landscape is a perfect location to camp in tents, or caravans and camper van, and there are many suitable locations across the country.

The drive to Wales from England is relatively simple, and takes 4 hours from London. There are many scenic roads into Wales, and around Wales itself.

If you are travelling to Wales by train, you can rely on a good rail network with scenic and direct routes to the country from England. Book your ticket in advance to save money.

If you are travelling from a long distance, Cardiff airport has connecting flight from a range of locations. Gatwick and Heathrow airports, near London, are also options. Travelling from London by train to Wales is a good option.

Spitfire Flying Experience

Spitfire Flying Experience

Spa Days

Spa Days

Off Roading Experience

Off Roading Experience

Tank Driving Experience

Tank Driving Experience

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The Perfect Day Out and an Unforgettable Gift

Wales has lots to offer to the budding explorer, and what better way to make the most of it than with an experience day flying or driving across the legendary landscape.

If you are searching for the ideal gift for that special someone, why not take them on a trip to the gorgeous Welsh landscape for a helicopter flight? Or if they enjoy cars, then a rally driving day can't go amiss!

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Experience Days in Wales & Get the Most Out of Wales