Experience Wing Walking close to Brighton East Sussex

Discover Wing Walking close to Brighton East Sussex

Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you stand on the wings of the aircraft flying at one hundred and thirty five miles per hour with our once in a lifetime wing walk experience close to East Sussex.

Experience Days Pro's aerial wing walks are only for the adrenaline lovers among us.

Enjoy one of your most jaw dropping aerial adventures with Experience Days Pro's unbelievable wing walking experiences at Brighton.

Experience the adrenaline surge as you stand on the wing of the aircraft flying at one hundred and thirty five miles per hour with our unforgettable wing walk experience close to East Sussex.

Will you have the guts to clamber onto the upper wing of our specialised aircraft before rumbling down the runway and into the skies?

With Experience Days Pro's wing walk experiences you can truly test your boundaries with a pulse scrambling race through the skies close to East Sussex.

Screaming across the sky on our wing walk experience you'll be completely open to the elements at one hundred and thirty five miles per hour, as your highly experienced pilot steers you through twists and turns and climbs to the cloud before entering a 500 feet vertical dive!

This truly is a flight of a lifetime near Brighton that can't be understood any other way.

Although a wing walking experience can seem dangerous, the best measures are in place to ensure it is definitely safe for you.

All the pilots and trainers are fully skilled and will detail all safety instructions clearly to you beforehand.

A wing walking experience close to Brighton and East Sussex can make an unusual gift for any thrill seekers in your life, and is also a truly exhilarating way to mark a special event.

Got a wedding coming up? Why not consider the mind blowing excitement of wing walking near East Sussex to make that event truly memorable?

Whatever reason you have for wanting a wing walking experience near Brighton and East Sussex, Experience Days Pro have an experience day package to suit your unique needs.

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Wing Walking Experience near to East Sussex

Once in a lifetime wing walking experience days are the perfect gifts for loved ones near to East Sussex.

Experience Days Pro's amazing wing walk experience days make a wonderful present for Christmas.

An outrageous present, imagine your family member's face when you present them with a voucher for this incredible wing walking experience near to Brighton.

Experience Days Pro's jaw dropping wing walking experience days include the opportunity to invite up to 50 friends and family to observe you take part in one of life's most spine tingling experiences.

We want your wing walking experience to be exhilarating for the right reasons not the wrong ones. That's why we only work with expertly trained flight display teams, registered and accredited with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Your safety will be prioritised first, and the trained experts are able to ensure your safety. They will use a special harness and flight suit that meet the highest industry guidelines.

The pilots perform wing walking experience flights in East Sussex regularly, with hundreds of exhilarated adventurers to attest to their skill!

We can also provide wing walking experience days for charity fundraising activities, so if you are looking for an unusual way to raise money for a worthwhile cause, wing walking in East Sussex is the answer.

So why not phone our team today? Our team will help you arrange your greatest wing walking experience day in Brighton and East Sussex, or speak about the most perfect present for a loved one.



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At Experience Days Pro we believe that booking your flight should be simple. Most vouchers last 12 months, providing flexibility.

Travel from East Sussex so you can experience wing walking experiences in Yorkshire, Oxfordshire , Essex, Lincolnshire, Dorset and West Sussex (subject to availability and weather conditions).

Have a great flight!

Discover Wing Walking near to Brighton East Sussex & Wing Walking Experiences close to East Sussex